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Nyack Fencing Academy

Competitive Fencing

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Foil, Epee, Saber

We are a three weapon competitive fencing academy

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Private Lessons & Group Class

A balance of Private Lessons and Group Class for every student

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9-14 Years old foil with Brando Messinese
04:30 - 06:00
August 22, 2014
mondiali 2010

Why Fencing?

The elegant sport of fencing, always popular in Europe, is now gaining phenomenal popularity in the United States and in the Greater NYC area. Many Americans are discovering the benefits of fencing such as helping young people gain admission and scholarships to prestigious universities as well as providing a life-long sport in which physique and age are not limitations. Fencing is often referred to as Physical Chess. It develops both your mind and body.

Fencing is an Olympic Sport

Fencing is an NCAA Sport helping young people to gain admission and scholarships to prestigious US universities

Fencing provides PE Credit Hours for Middle School and High School Students

Teaches a student to exercise unparalleled control of their physical and mental capabilities